patzr radio is 100 seconds every 10 days

patzr radio ¶
patzr radio is a micro-podcast. ¶
patzr radio is one hundred seconds every ten days. ¶
patzr radio is, to my mind at least, a pleasing set of syllables. ¶
patzr radio is a wilfully perverse relationship with clock time & calendars. ¶
patzr radio is a consequence of various commercial platforms and services. ¶
patzr radio is an advert for itself, for sound in general maybe. ¶
patzr radio is preoccupied with counterintuitive rhythms, glimpses, & shifts. ¶
patzr radio is sometimes fussily contrived, sometimes comparatively arbitrary. ¶
patzr radio is aimless, on-going and inherently incomplete. ¶
patzr radio ¶

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episode two hundred and fifty-six / clarifying the evidence | episode two hundred and fifty-five / low ebb | episode two hundred and fifty-four / also, depending on how you're inclined to count, episode three hundred | episode two hundred and fifty-three / stolen quiet mornings; but what else is there to do? | episode two hundred and fifty-two / THESE THINGS ARE HAPPENING IN YOUR CITY!!! | episode two hundred and fifty-one b / Partnering up will enrich your content | episode two hundred and fifty-one a / I has been expecting to hear from you base on the last message i sent to you. | episode two hundred and fifty / what's that burning smell? | episode two hundred and forty-nine / Coconut based vegan alternative to cheese | episode two hundred and forty-eight / exuberant crowds despite everything | episode two hundred and forty-seven / Readable books in natural knowledge.| episode two hundred and forty six / Always use the non-shiny side! | episode two hundred and forty-five b / a tarot deck in Books for Amnesty | episode two hundred and forty-five a / a booster shot in a disused travel agents | episode two hundred and forty -four / Good moods are also seen in fish. | episode two hundred and forty-three / trying not to stew | episode two hundred and forty-two / xsLG51bGwsbnVsbCxudWxsLG51bGwsbnVsbCxudWxsLG51bGwsbnVsbCxudWxsLG51bGwsbnVsbCxudWxsLG51bGwsbnVsbCxudWxsLG51bGwsbnVsbCxudWxsLG51bGwsbnVsbCxudWxsLG51bGwsbnVsbCxudWxsLG51bGwsbnVsbCxudWxsLHRydWUs | episode two hundred and forty-one / (actress, born 1982) | episode two hundred and forty / a new link to an old model | episode two hundred and thirty-nine / production environment | episode two hundred and thirty-eight / The cards inside may have gum stains | episode two hundred and thirty-seven / Our small creative businesses have outdone themselves | episode two hundred and thirty-six / Polish biotech spam at work | episode two hundred and thirty-five / A New Tool to Attract Advertisers | episode two hundred and thirty four / serendipity tattooed along her thumb | episode two hundred and thirty-three / idly considering the astrological significance of the car park no longer accepting cash after June 21st | episode two hundred and thirty-two / After his heart attack, a British man’s rules for living take off on linkedIn | episode two hundred and thirty-one / it was strangely evocative weather - warm, after a rain shower - and the memories just... appeared, came over me like a wave, i guess. fully-formed, slightly dizzying; a sort of regret, some kind of ache | episode two hundred and thirty / seafront smelling of weed and chip fat | episode two hundred and twenty-nine / asked to focus - not unkindly - in the interview | episode two hundred and twenty-eight / Cathy Cahlin Ryan at TV. The rushing game was led by Chris Markey who ran 27 times for 117 yards. Once a cap is set, carbon permits per tonne will be auctioned with a price set by the market. The authority is governed by a 14 member board. Antonio Estache and Daniel Leipziger, eds. | episode two hundred and twenty-seven / Automatic choice of opponents | episode two hundred and twenty-six / Great Item For your Party | | episode two hundred and twenty-five / All transmitters with faults and engineering | free and easy | episode two hundred and twenty-four / who could resist the cheap symmetry of more rain, recorded on the today? not me; please enjoy this companion hundred seconds | episode two hundred and twenty-four / two hundred seconds of cold January rain | episode two-hundred and twenty-three / a day late, with apologies | episode two hundred and twenty-two c / nextdoor renovating | episode two hundred and twenty-two b / a complicated task that involves serious physics | episode two hundred and twenty-two a / Why choose our polyclonal antibody production services? | episode two hundred and twenty-one / got up early - though slept past first light - to sit in the park with a coffee & my recorders; picked up some litter on the way home | episode two hundred and twenty / Als u deze site gebruikt, aanvaardt u het gebruik van cookies | episode two hundred and nineteen / watched a crow fuss with rubble in the guttering | episode two hundred and eighteen / As you move with the cochineal?, I am not capable | episode two hundred and seventeen / can send 0essages thr64gh the *6rta3 t6 that tea0+ | episode two hundred and sixteen / It is a good way to forecast fate when you on the party with your friends. | episode two hundred and fifteen / RE: Răsp.: RE: Răsp.: RE: Răsp.: RE: Răsp.: RE: Răsp | episode two hundred and fourteen / Stress Management (Employees) Interactive | episode two hundred and thirteen / seven plays in Grenada | episode two hundred and thirteen / seven plays in Grenada | episode two hundred and twelve / reaction emojis | episode two hundred and eleven / It's likely you were not infectious when the test was done. | episode two hundred and ten / I am emailing you from Influencer one of the UKs leading influencer platforms | episode two hundred and nine / previously hidden tiers | episode two hundred and eight-b / because *you * demanded it &, frankly, because i am always delighted to share recordings of jackdaws. | episode two hundred and eight-a / One or more sentences describing your episode to potential listeners. | episode two hundred and seven / one of the things about making such a... quixotic and shambolic set of sounds as patzr radio is that when you might consider dedicating to friends, loved ones, you have to consider whether they'd even really want it; i'm pretty confident Gill will be underwhelmed were she ever to hear this but, still, it's for her, on her birthday with good wishes, even as i'm sure it's in no way what she might really want (i've got her a book and some other things, too) | episode two hundred and six / were saw poster otherwise wouldnt have known and would have midded a night to cherish !!! some spam i recieved reckons patzr radio is in the top forty Personal Journals podcasts in Peru; this can't be true, but still - shout out to any Peruvians keeping up with this shambles. !!! | episode two-hundred and five / grey, vague days in this curious second lockdown; certain gloom marbled with occasional elation | episode two hundred and four / a mild November morning, pruning the creeper in the bright sun | episode two hundred and three / I've been passed from pillow to post. | the second of two two hundred and second episodes / PRODUCT MAY CONTAIN AN UNEVEN MIX OF FLAVOURS | the first of two two hundred and second episodes / These photos emanate from a working newspaper archive thus concede routine physical imperfections | episode 201 / forgive me if i start series three with a testimonial from my good friend Callan: "I've worked out that approximately eleven episodes of Patzr will get me to work. They're pretty special." | the tenth of ten two hundredth episodes / patzr radio is approaching it's third season. ¶ / In wear, fold sleeve cuffs up. | the ninth of ten two hundredth episodes / patzr radio is sometimes fussily contrived, sometimes comparatively arbitrary. ¶ / a more disciplined sound recorder would've not set their recording device on a fence but, well, this is where we are; i love the generous, copious nature of rain, especially rain running off countless leaves. It was a close to pitch black as you can get in suburban Tyneside, it seems to me. | the eighth of ten two hundredth episodes / patzr radio is sometimes fussily contrived, sometimes comparatively arbitrary. ¶ / I like cooking channels | the seventh of ten one hundredth episodes / patzr radio is preoccupied with counterintuitive rhythms, glimpses, & shifts. ¶ / For all i try and keep patzr radioa varied enterprise i always return to my fixations; odd drones, vague percussion, arbitrary fragments, and, most often public transport infrastructure [such as it is in this country] &/or precipitation. | the sixth of ten two hundredth episodes / patzr radio is kind of an advert for itself, for sound in general maybe. ¶ / How happy are you with our paper recommendations? ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ | the fifth of ten two hundredth episodes / patzr radio is a consequence of various commercial platforms and services. ¶ weird cheerfulness airing in dry goods / endless distance of our discontent / strange surge of almost-hail in a midsummer storm / speeds and slownesses, eras and timeloops / om ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by regular special guest patzr & long time kipple friend otolythe [homepage | soundcloud | twitter] ! ! ! | the fourth of ten two hundredth episodes / patzr radio is a wilfully perverse relationship with clock time & calendars. ¶ Paperback | Eternals | English | the third of ten two hundredth episodes / patzr radio is, to my mind at least, a pleasing set of syllables. ¶ / Reseal For Freshness | the second of ten two hundredth episodes / patzr radio is - usually - one hundred seconds every ten days. ¶ / wood to give away (condemned chairs) | the first of ten two hundredth episodes / patzr radio is a micro-podcast. ¶ / I'm not sure i expected it to make it this far to be honest. I guess i have a certain tenacity, an inclination to something like steady persistence... | episode one hundred and ninety-nine / i wrote Paul: every other shop is being refitted, seems like, but the only thing that feels fresh - or maybe i just mean exuberant - is the graffiti | episode one hundred and ninety-eight / DEFUND THE BBC - the C, inevitably i suppose, a poor approximation of a back-to-front ☭ - daubed by some tedious clown on the fence behind the private school's playing field | episode one hundred and ninety-seven / Make a clear, concise name for your episode. | episode one hundred and ninety-six If you plan on getting support for an issue, turn this on and try to reproduce the error | episode one hundred and ninety-five "The bargain was soon concluded, for James had in the meanwhile returned. I to pay four dollars and twenty-five cents to-night, he to vacate at five to-morrow morning, selling to nobody else meanwhile: I to take possession at six. It were well, he said, to be there early, and anticipate certain indistinct but wholly unjust claims on the score of ground rent and fuel. This he assured me was the only encumbrance. At six I passed him and his family on the road. One large bundle held their all,—bed, coffee-mill, looking-glass, hens,—all but the cat, she took to the woods and became a wild cat, and, as I learned afterward, trod in a trap set for woodchucks, and so became a dead cat at last." | episode one hundred and ninety-four blessed enough to have friends who send me recordings of rain | episode one hundred and ninety-three / It is a good idea to spend a pleasant time with your family and friends together, enjoying the leisure time and relaxing yourselves. | episode one hundred and ninety-two / I eventually melt this man on a blog site posting by one of his client that he helped | episode one hundred and ninety-one / seven months since this was recorded, about four months since i last loitered idly in any sort of public transport infrastructure | episode one hundred and ninety / i'm not hopeful, though i try; at least i'm reading a little, again | episode one hundred and eighty-nine / in the quiet of suburban Tyneside; the news hectic, relentless, concerning | episode one hundred and eighty and eighty-eight-b / "Stanley received a fan letter from Kurosawa in the late 1990s and was so touched by it. It meant more to him than any Oscar would. He agonised over how to reply, wrote innumerable drafts, but somehow couldn’t quite get the tenor and tone right. Weeks went by, and then months, still agonising. Then he decided enough was enough, the reply had to go, and before the letter was sent Kurosawa died. Stanley was deeply upset.” | episode one hundred and eighty and eighty-eight-a / Small Puppy Playpen inc Water Resistant Floor for Dogs Puppies Rabbits Guinea Pigs, Play Pen Dog Cage Crate Rabbit Run PP01 + Floor (We dont ship to the Channel Isles or The Isles of Scilly) | episode one hundred and eighty-seven / tedious tasks i managed to fuck up | episode one hundred and eighty-six / forgot my wallet so i have no milk | episode one hundred and eighty-five / strange, spurious, hungers, new rituals of sorts; inertia. | episode one hundred and eighty-four / Oh, absolutely. But still. | episode one hundred and eighty-three-b / as we all keep observing, time in lockdown ebbs and flows strangely; seems too fast and too slow to me, somehow; so what better reason for the otherwise relatively disciplined patzr radio to slip, slide, generate bonus episodes. So, here we are with this snatch of scarcely anything; partly inspired by Robert Rizzi's delightful What do you hear from your window recordings. | episode one hundred and eight-three-a / we discovered two-player Tetris; thanks Stu. episode one hundred and eighty-two [giant size] / my current * lockdown * ritual is to head out on my government mandated walk to the park down the road around dawn; it's still early enough this side of the clocks going forward that i'm usually there ahead of dog walkers, joggers etc. | episode one hundred and eighty-one / "He'd been experimenting new stuff ever since I lent him my Aphex Twins CD." | episode one hundred and eighty / on the anniversary of the first periodic table | episode one hundred and seventy-nine / The larvae feed in galleries of silk and refuse on lichens on mossy rocks. | episode one hundred and seventy-eight / Learn about accountability on Kickstarter | episode one hundred and seventy-seven / Satzlfizction Survey Two-thirds ofrespondcnts say they've purchased from at least one of the stores on our srrve | episode one hundred and seventy-six / Discover a couple of our monetization options readily available | episode one hundred and seventy-five / This item remains subject to recall if required by a University of Essex reader | episode one hundred and seventy-four / just before breakfast seven months ago | episode one hundred and seventy-three-b / unseasonably mild | episode one hundred and seventy-three-a / In statics with free surface, the center of gravity can move and change the ... | episode one hundred and seventy-two / yes, defeated, yes / Deckle Edges | episode one hundred and seventy-one / productively misreading crisp packets; oscillating hope and anxiety for Thursday | episode one hundred and seventy / Complete the content above before moving on. | episode one hundred and sixty-nine / bright open cluster | episode one hundred and sixty-eight / "... with a monster and a rocket ..." | episode one hundred and sixty-seven / Al bought this lovely metal dish from work; i left it outside under a dripping drainpipe | episode one hundred and sixty-six / lingering cold and the sense of defeat episode one hundred and sixty-five / all the messes made | episode one hundred and sixty-four / however the fuck timetables are supposed to work | episode one hundred and sixty-three / three month anniversary of a pretty fine curry at lunchtime | episode one hundred and sixty-two / No Perfmornaces | episode one hundred and sixty-one / let's... let's just not get into it, huh? | episode one hundred and sixty / i don't know enough about magpies to know if the bird heard here is agitated or distressed or what; i think the pervasive drizzle was annoying it, maybe? | episode one hundred and fifty-nine / Confirm your household residents and submit! | episode one hundred and fifty-eight / greedy for paperbacks always, even as i worry about my seeming inability to keep them in good condition / sad about Ras G | episode one hundred and fifty-seven / something spilt at head-height it sounded like | episode one hundred and fifty-six / Homogeneous series based on selected station data | episode one hundred and fifty-five / huggable, malleable dermatologist | episode one hundred and fifty-four / something ominous for the nearly-midsummer / for Fox, with thanks for the corridor and the footsteps | episode one hundred and fifty-three / Option 2: Not using your vehicle? | episode one hundred and fifty-two / To verify your identity, please use the following code | episode one hundred and fifty-one / "well, Baz, I've got to go - I've just got here" | episode one hundred and fifty b / he assured me that it hadn't rained on a Wednesday evening since October | episode one hundred and fifty a / woken by the light at twenty to six in the morning | episode one hundred and forty-nine / suburban birdsong for new life; for Freddie, for Max. | episode one hundred and forty-eight / Contains mild language and scenes of smoking. | episode one hundred and forty-seven / shakily identified a juvenile blackbird yesterday | episode one hundred and forty-six / We Are The Drones And We Are The Airport | episode one hundred and forty-five episode one hundred and forty-five / fish heads fish heads / roly poly / yum orcas agree / but then, they would / cold tall lighthouse near sharp black rocks / iceland and watery environs / ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by regular special guest patzr & long time kipple friend otolythe [homepage | twitter | soundcloud] ! ! ! ] | episode one hundred and forty-four / "The UFO, it seems, is a rumor of God stitched into the fabric of the military-industrial-media complex, a complex whose cybernetic tentacles encircle us still." | episode one hundred and forty-three / cutting back the Virginia creeper in unseasonable sunshine | episode one hundred and forty-two / my mother's geology spreadsheet stopped working | episode one hundred and forty-one / from time to time i still vaguely threaten a podcast that's just recordings of rain | episode one hundred and forty / a certain delight in fresh boxes | episode one hundred and thirty-nine / Super Wolf Blood Moon times | episode one hundred and thirty-eight / ask me about the texture of my defeat | episode one hundred and thirty seven / a day late, not that anybody'll notice or care; a private calendar is a slippery thing, i guess | episode one hundred and thirty-six / 12 menhirs / and a scroll / apostles but no doubt apocryphal / it was decided to clear the field / and they moved one / oh to hell with that it was too much hard work / and they never moved any more / aye aye / ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by regular special guest patzr & long time kipple friend otolythe [homepage | twitter | soundcloud] ! ! ! ] | episode one hundred and thirty five / certain kinds of gloom, certain kinds of gladness | episode one hundred and thirty-four / Advanced Fibrous Structures for Composite Materials, Technical Textiles and other Technical Application | episode one hundred and thirty-three / my bank account was £1.41 overdrawn earlier today | episode one hundred and thirty-two / a festival of the futilities | episode one hundred and thirty-one b / and i said to her that really, there's nothing better than the wind in trees | episode one hundred and thirty-one a / i finished Moby Dick yesterday morning so pretty much everything else, with the possible exception of lending a psychoanalyst a tenner, was an anticlimax | episode one hundred and thirty / six weeks or so pointing out the obvious | episode one hundred and twenty-nine / any questions message , all reasonable best offers will be considered | episode one hundred and twenty-eight / The onset of self-focusing of intense light pulses | episode one hundred and twenty seven / ... We've chosen the products we think you'll enjoy / Yellow warning / kinds of numbness | episode one hundred and twenty-six / As to the mushroom jazz-- He thought, I'll just walk up to him and say people told / juice against colds / "don't crowd me Joe" | episode one hundred and twenty-five / 'salad-wise patchiness' / Superb outcomes / "Metrobis S'soooo loud" | episode one hundred and twenty-four / ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT / a sore head / GE 155/500 4-65w Starters for Fluorescent Lightbulbs | episode one hundred and twenty three / of course MyHR isn't working properly / fragmentary sleeping patterns / sadly unconvinced by a book i'd been excited for | episode one hundred and twenty-two / anxiety & crushes / DEPOT MENTOR / ミ““”一,のヽの、∽〇うの『の∽芍のの一”ラでく,いのF ́一、∽う〇一”一”目ロドの∽〓もの■〓づづ〇∽ぃ‐ 〓〇●∽ののヽ一〇〇澪””一,【9月デ】∽”∽い弓〇● ́一プの【5卜ヽヽ】1O(■のの】いくのでくデ1●一プの,1ヽ〇いうの̈o∽ ́∽一∽一,の一“ヨ〇【”●ヽ∽一”【一∽一〇づ〇●“づの目津ヽいけσ片の∽トラ一〇F1【でヽ■∽一”一一Fのげ”∽ω^二′′の一ゴ“ヨげヽ”づQ一アの■の”■のう〇〇●′′°Cごヽ∽芍”の1∽くH∽【げ】のげ1一でくo1”(Fの一のの一F・КO“【〓5”の【∽”【oLの”目Чでく、ぃ∞∞Fぅ∞ぃぅ0”ぃぅ・HF”け∽∽〇● ́の一り一ラ∞一ゴ”一 ̈●∽一の”う、一σの働〇つの三い一F∽Cものコ.量馬02け【oP、〒HF”うO1鮎”Fのいギづ一〇く“Hいのヽ”●QF∞ | episode one hundred and twenty one / asked to do a PDA i just want to write either inane things about stupid talking dog movies or depressing things about forests within the arctic circle on fire / i guess my rote filling out of the boxes with more or less what they more or less want is some kind of third-way-compromise-bullshit / & here i am | episode one hundred and twenty / recorded just over a month ago, in a garden in Scotland / a pile of books after a boring day at work / to meet an investment analyst | episode one hundred and nineteen / CORNBREAD may still be alive today / cracks multiplying on my phone screen / Cheryl left | episode one hundred and eighteen / i somehow ended up watching [some of] the [fucking] world cup / (the time varies depending on location ) / all hail the new Star and Shadow | episode one hundred and seventeen / a quiz with rounds about the fucking world cup and the fucking royal family / delight in the approach of midsummer / with apologies for lateness | episode one hundred and sixteen / gcybg0rne#?date=2018-06-03 / strange pre-midsummer distraction - it's almost ten & still kinda light / my Dad, dismissive of Mechanization Takes Command's index | episode one hundred and fifteen / General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") is coming into effect, and you’ve probably already gotten a few emails about this from other companies. / Hcnith Assessment Across the Lifcs nn / There is one glaring anachronism | episode one hundred and fourteen / "... the liquid centre of a minute ..." / SPECIFIC SUGGESTIONS FOR SIMPLE SABOTAGE / "understanding and respect" / Glenn Branca RIP | episode one hundred and thirteen / ants explore the kitchen / DESC: Synthesizer / I LOVE IT AND THE SELLER DESCRIPTION OF THE PRODUCT MEET WITH THE PRODUCT QUALITY. | episode one hundred and twelve / sad to see news of Craig Wilson's death slowly travel 'round my twitter feed / we didn't know each other well but after ended we'd see each other every couple of months or so, often as one or the other of us spilled out of/in to the cinema, exchange a few words about what was on... / Craig was smart, funny, interested, & engaged; a true loss | episode one hundred and eleven / Inspired by your browsing history / on some level, all i really want is time to play with machinic buzzes & some washing to hang out on the line in the yard on a cool, bright, morning; even as i know that for all the calm that that implies, a morning like that is always already coal-fired, resting on structural brutality, effectively oppressive... / doomed & complicit, always | the tenth of ten daily episodes, all recorded at Newcastle's Central Station / "... the morning smile at Newcastle Central station, when longhair Tom blond husband greets the bearded stranger of telephones ..." [recorded at 11:50 approx.] | the ninth of ten daily episodes, all recorded at Newcastle's Central Station / In memory of Elizabeth Brown and Robert Heir, both killed in a collision between two trains just south of Newcastle Central Station, on Friday August 17th, 1951. [recorded at 07:28 approx.] | the second of the eighth of ten daily episodes, all recorded at Newcastle's Central Station / recorded just after i saw my pal Anna come out of the Paperchase; she told me about jamais vu [recorded at 17:24 approx.] | the first of the eighth of ten daily episodes, all recorded at Newcastle's Central Station / Once he lived six weeks on the roof of Newcastle Central Station. At night-time he crept down and manipulated signals to stop goods trains. After rifling them he reset the signals and clambered back to the roof. He climbs like a cat. [recorded at 16:26 approx.] | the seventh of ten daily episodes, all recorded at Newcastle's Central Station / NZ 2463 NW NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE NEVILLE STREET (south side) 22/408 and 23/408 Motorail Terminal G.V. II Goods station entrance. Circa 1870 for North Eastern Railway. Sandstone ashlar; cast iron posts and brackets to glass canopies. Front wall of one storey, 7 bays has panels, with open arches, in first and fourth bays; lunettes in others, paired in bays 3-6, with keystoned surrounds. Hipped glass roof has ridge vent. Iron posts, with octagonal plinths, leaf capitals, and brackets with circles in spandrels, support glass roof over platforms. [recorded at 13:50 approx.] | the sixth of ten daily episodes, all recorded at Newcastle's Central Station / it is the hundredth day of the year [recorded at 18:12 approx.] | the fifth of ten daily episodes, all recorded at Newcastle's Central Station / fwiw, that squeak is the station entrance's automatic door closing [recorded at 07:26 approx.] | the fourth of ten daily episodes, all recorded at Newcastle's Central Station / STRANGE SCENES AT NEWCASTLE STATION. A STUDY IN 'MAKESHIFT.' (FROM OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT) [recorded at 11:30 approx.] | the third of ten daily episodes, all recorded at Newcastle's Central Station / Greeted at Newcastle Central Station by the most furious display of Gnostic graffiti in the gentleman’s room walls that I had ever seen on the planet... [recorded at 21:29 approx.] | the second of ten daily episodes, all recorded at Newcastle's Central Station / Railway buildings ought to do much for architecture : being quite a new class of structures, erected for purposes unknown until the present age, or, we may say, the present generation, they suggest, or ought to suggest, a character of their own, and fresh combinations in design ; and being generally upon an extensive scale, they afford opportunities that have hitherto been of rare occurrence. They are, moreover, especially public works — structures constantly seen by thousands and tens of thousands of persons ; and might, therefore, do much towards improving the taste of the public. [recorded at 17:33 approx.] | episode one hundred and ten / the first of ten daily episodes, all recorded at Newcastle's Central Station a place of bustle & reverberation which as anybody who's scanned the listings of this podcast will know, kinda captivates me. There may be bonus/alternate episodes; there are certainly longer recordings if anybody has a need or desire for them. [recorded at 08:33 approx.] | episode one hundred and nine / i found a copy of The Palm Wine Drinkard in Amnesty Books / filming for the televisions show / lost a set of drumsticks somewhere, somehow the other day | episode one hundred and eight / like a pleasant and not very exciting cousin / A Holiday you Won - Go With Family / a tiny bird pecking around the pots in our backyard | episode one hundred and seven / Charly got a new kettle before xmas / told me it sounded good, *rich*, so i nagged her to record it / phone-fidelity ftw! !!! this episode of patzr radio was produced by special guest patzr & kipple family member CharlyMac !!! | episode one hundred and six / strange patterns, distraction / Lower Days Ahead / MEDITATE IN WHITLEY BAY | episode one hundred and five originally posted by nuun / i made a loop and faffed with it a little / one thursday morning ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was originally produced by special guest patzr nuun [Soundcloud / rizoom] & remixed by Jimmy Kipple Sound ! ! ! | episode one hundred and four / a scarf labelled Acne Solution [?] / excessive GIF use in the group chat / & fuck, Justin - leave Prince alone, unhologrammed | episode one hundred and three / Board from responsible sources / peopling the solitudes / deeply respected deputy / RIP UKLG + MES | episode one hundred and two / mysterious ache at the back of my jaw / enamored of the Gzilt's archive of domestic dust / (phone unfixed, in case you were wondering) | episode one hundred and one / seeing as we've made it past episode one hundred, let's call this episode one of season two / the numbering is going to continue to be as consistently inconsistent as it has up to now and - hey! - maybe we'll even make it to two hundred? / (my phone's still dead, in case you wondered)| the tenth of ten one hundredth episodes / foolishly, i dropped my phone in a sink the other day / it's spent the last two days in uncooked rice / even though i believe there's sense in this behaviour it still feels kind of crazed, kind of superstitious, kind of atavistic | the ninth of ten one hundredth episodes / the spaces between ice and earth / motion-sensor flowers with vermilion bands / communications from near space / and nearer spaces / and algorithms, if they could speak ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by regular special guest patzr & long time kipple friend otolythe [homepage | twitter | soundcloud] ! ! ! | | the eighth of ten one hundredth episodes / a fine, quiet drone / recorded in a now inaccessible officeblock, opened in my infancy by some goon from the first Thatcher administration / shouts to the Tyneside Sounds Society, the only reason i was there to record it in the first place | the seventh of ten one hundredth episodes / Rattlesnake Mountain inspired / stretched out chord organ / loose chords / phone pocket made bird recordings ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by regular special guest patzr & generous supplier of train station field recordings Matt Nix [soundcloud] ! ! !the sixth of ten one hundredth episodes / piano music quiet on the radio / to sleep Moomin-like / a collection of mugs around my computer | the fifth of ten one hundredth episodes / sad at my inability to not be combative when in my cups / vexed by rss feed inconsistencies / obliged to head in to work | the second of the fourth of the ten hundredth episodes / & since i started planning this series of one hundredth episodes i figured i'd ought to get another Central Station recording to include / but, as i often do when i think i've got a cohesive plan / i record too much, over-identify, over-appreciate what i schlep back home with so the numbering is even more confusing that it was originally intended to be; making up for the lack of a zero, i guess. | the first of the fourth of ten one hundredth episodes / i vaguely regret starting this series of recordings of Newcastle Central Station with the My Favourite Musical Instrument subtitle / but, i'm loathe to edit or retcon / & can think of no other way of concisely emphasising the intensity of my affection | the third of ten one hundredth episodes / ENGLISHBREAKFAST / NEW BILLIONAIRE'S DRINKS / INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS | the second of ten one hundredth episodes / brushed teeth and jasmine tea / confusing epigraph and epigram / You've used 80% of your data | the first of ten one hundredth episodes / christian atlas sisters / It could just be superintelligence that’s in a cloud. It doesn’t have to be embodied in the usual sense. / calorific intake | episode ninety-nine / Children to spend the day offline / 45 pence of necklace cord that i stupidly lost somewhere / “but the market proved otherwise.” | episode ninety-eight / early shifts, milder weather; news as bad as it is delirious / it seems like for every present i buy, i also pick up a book for myself / PLEASE DO NOT SIT ON THE WINDOW | episode ninety-seven b / i hadn't planned on this one, but the jackdaws were so good this afternoon / and i can either sit on this for days, weeks / or, well, just, y'know, *put it out* / i do feel pretty lucky to hear this territorial racket any day i'm around near sunset | episode ninety-seven / "The decimal unicode number representing the latin lowercase 'a'" / "We find evidence of burial rituals and skull cults throughout the Fertile Crescent." / "The year 4000 may indicate a change of his numbering system; it is not a misprint." | episode ninety-six / strange futility, first thing / "You've gotta have to have more communication, I guess," said the resident. / numerous investors | episode ninety-five / at the onset of a cold / the uniquely dystopian art direction suggested by seeing a glossy David Icke advert on a bus stop / disputing the eloquence of damaging fruit | episode ninety-four / somebody requested the copy of Oram's An Individual Note that i've had on loan for about a decade [i was worried they'd throw it away if it was on the shelf, so just kept renewing it] / i have a paperback copy i found in the Amnesty bookshop that i lent to my friend but i think he thinks it was maybe a gift at this point? / whatever; both of these things are fine | episode ninety-three / six / months / ago | episode ninety-two / clutter / rattle / phones in the other room | episode ninety-one / rain / by Murray's Monument & The Dark Outside's temporary radio transmitter on a particularly wet Sunday morning / recorded beneath a dripping... gazebo, i guess? | episode ninety / work something of a blur / forlorn stock fading in unattended windows / tiny blue plaques marking the addresses of servicemen killed in WW1 a punctuation of futility and despair | episode eighty-nine / i struggle to imagine getting tired of the sound of running water / or the strange tubular snap-back reverb of plastic drainpipes for that matter / gulls i can never quite make my mind up about... {oh, & apologies for slightly over-shooting the 10 day window on this one; work innit, though, equally, a tiny bit of my own innate distractedness. Anyway I think i've pretty much posted within the 240 hour window so i think we're still effectively on schedule} | episode eight-eight-b anyway, a bank holiday is an ideal day for a bonus episode / but i've been a little fixated on 88 anyhow - it's two double loops, right? - so made these episodes as two [uneven, ungainly, unseamless yet seamless] loops that loop / so this episode and | episode eight-eight-a will loop seamlessly / the two installments working as a cheap 3:20 infinity i guess / the title's an ancient palindrome and, though i appreciate that a palindrome is not quite the same as a loop, i think the form is akin enough to apply to this and the bonus episode | episode eighty-seven / TINY SOUNDS, BUT SOUNDS . . . OPEN DARK DITCHES IN THE FACE / i was encouraged to think that the book about Lenin's embalmers i bought would be a lot funnier than it is; it's mainly sad with a dash of grim absurdity; ah, well / i can - unsurprisingly - recommend Le Guin's The Word For World Is Forest from title on down though; which isn't to say that too isn't sad, y'know but, well, i guess it's the consolations of fiction, right? | episode eighty-six / i'm not going to lie - this episode's been kicking about a while & i'm faintly terrified that i've already posted it under a different title / if i have, i'm confident it wasn't as a patzr radio episode / still, apologies; i almost deferred it *again* but, then that'd just be compounding the problem, right? | episode eighty-five / dust, flecks of plaster / read Gammel's biography of Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven & started rereading Eve's Hollywood / plenty rain | episode eighty-four / a pseudonym suggested (but not used) / the plaster fell off our back room ceiling last Thursday / Market capitalisation of major media brands | episode eighty-three / a crosswalk signal in an empty morning street / an orchestra tuning up / pseudo-notes of oceans and traffic // modes / of / w a i t i n g ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by regular special guest patzr & long time kipple friend otolythe [homepage | twitter | soundcloud] ! ! ! | episode eighty-two / i am away from devices atm / in post-solstice Scotland for the extended daylight, mainly / please don't use this as an excuse to break into our flat | episode eighty-one / two days in to two weeks off / waking early in bright sun, eking out the evenings as best i can / certain fresh anxieties | episode eighty / markets dislike uncertainty / everything crossed. i stayed up way later than i intended, a little dizzy on hope and surprise and, fundamentally, rum / Marxists at large | episode seventy-nine / a pulse of some gloomy charm if you ask me / not even vague anxiety / The whole house applauded | episode seventy-eight / schlepped to Darlington to chat & scheme; read about Kodwo Eshun's Nietzsche fridge magnet on the way back / poor selection of emojis at work / Strong and stable my arse. | episode seventy-seven / Inaccurate but not dishonest**** / Today, I was reminded never to assume that two different versions of tar are fully compatible. / ¡No hay banda! | episode seventy-six / traffic and birdsong / or is it birdsong and traffic? / recorded on a bank holiday, as it goes | episode seventy-five / a few hours oblivious of the snap election / crushing on Marder's Dust / Rest of cast listed alphabetically: | episode seventy-four-b / i mean, if all *this* doesn't, at some level, amount to a delirious obsession with details in art direction, what, exactly does it amount to? / i wish i could claim i'd realised today was Leon Kowlaski's incept date but i didn't 'til it started to crop up on my Twitter feed / & luckily i recorded a fuckton*** of rain that day / | episode seventy-four / let's be real - i would subscribe to a podcast that was just recordings of precipitation / &, feasibly, would make this podcast just recordings of rain if i wasn't so easily distracted / so, yeah, hmu with recommendations for rain-based media | episode seventy-three / a held tone, a pulse, a hiss / a dream of machines dreaming, maybe / grey spring so far | episode seventy-two / "Terry was sitting in his flat in Islington." / the wrong kind of pub quiz / bit parts in bad movies | episode seventy-one / breaths, clicks, rumbles, compression artifacts / an 881% increase in electricity usage / Yevgeny Zamyatin died eighty years ago, yesterday | episode seventy / still frosty some mornings / on the twenty-second anniversary of the incorporation of Yahoo! / Italian translation of 'a surge of optimism' | episode sixty-nine / anxiety dreams - things not done, responsibilites unfulfilled - just before waking that linger intangibly at the back of the mind all day / simple-enough but convoluted maths questions sent unexpectedly on a Sunday morning / reading Babitz & Erickson & Nguyen/Yosinski/Clune / ! ! ! all apologies to the first two downloaders of this episode, who got a super-low resolution version 'cause i didn't check me audio convertor settings; in many ways such errors and accidents are the defining aspect of this project but * s t i l l *, right? ! ! ! | episode sixty-eight / things missed, things stewed / futility and repetition / a seemingly interminable sequence of bad decisions | episode sixty-seven / the quiet miracle of Ibuprofen / "Nicholas Roeg's Blade Runner" / the first shot in the Seinfeld episode The Limo is of a plane marked with Trump insignia | episode sixty-six / A sequel of sorts / A second exploration of the long two-storey glass factory and its hums / from within my coat pocket ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by special guest patzr & generous supplier of train station field recordings Matt Nix [soundcloud] ! ! ! | episode sixty-five / back to work for a week and weary / re-read Dick & Zelazny's Deus Irae / more beer than coffee | episode sixty four / tinfoil, bathwater, sea, traffic, matches &c &c & / 2016 was an awful year but then again, aren't they all? / history, a nightmare from which we're trying to awake, right? | episode sixty-three / red lentils, dark beer / my stereo still boxed after all these months / shout out to the kid i saw sat outside some bullshit shop in the mall earlier, cross-legged & deep focused on a paperback | episode sixty-two / back yard at dusk / corvids - rooks, mainly, i think - circle, neatly, regularly / wind, a cyclist heading home, sirens in the distance | episode sixty-one episode sixty-one / dull museum ambience and an easy affection for the hum of trains / on beers and Itadaki Zen / no, in short ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by phaedra candles; phaedra candles is Jimmy Kipple Sound & the Anerley Park Posse ! ! ! | episode sixty / the airport at sunset / glad of the frost though i could use a new jacket / more and probably unjustifiable acquisition of books | episode fifty-nine / it's not that i have faith in small things, i'm just captivated by them, distracted / disturbed sleep, periodic numbness, the pit of your stomach / things you can't untie / | episode fifty-eight / slogging through some Platanov between work and home; almost getting it, mainly not / thin hoodie in sharp evenings / distracted but not enough, really | episode fifty-seven / some crows were cawing in almost-identifiable notes / but several crows sound like one million crows or just a backyard full of crows / finally reversed and stretched the crows and that seemed to generate an appropriate crow-level / while still able to pull some notes out into proper dissonance / plus some light moss-walking and the resonance of a metal railing for context ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by regular special guest patzr & long time kipple friend, otolythe. [homepage | twitter | soundcloud] ! ! ! | episode fifty-six / drops, harder to isolate than in a Tarkovsky picture / i have this theory that he reuses the same dripping sounds again and again, but maybe it's just Soviet Foley and fuzzy mics? / for Bill, i guess, if he'd want it, which i doubt | episode fifty-five / picking stickers off long remaindered hardbacks / stumbling through questions at work & on TV / dullest of dull headaches and vague dental anxiety | episode fifty-four / i almost cried twice today, oddly; equinox emotions? / 4 Clips complete with 8 screws. / There are 100 days remaining until the end of the year. | episode fifty-three / early-morning run to the top of primrose hill revealed the maintenance workers / guy sweeping apologized when he saw I was making a vid / it turned out to be the best aspect of the view / layered and looped and paulstretched, and from a distance resembles breathing ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by regular special guest patzr & long time kipple friend, otolythe. [homepage | twitter | soundcloud] ! ! ! | episode fifty-two / i work 'til eight most Fridays and i'm always kind of delighted by town's atmosphere as i head home / something slack, loosened, something rich and easily excited / people relatively aimless, quiet streets, buses quarter-full | episode fifty-one / still packed-up, aimless frankly / spilt coffee, spilt beer / glass smoothed by the sea over years, decades | episode fifty / waiting for the floors to be fixed / Adjusted Margin and Leap Year / grubby little device / ☄ ☄ ☄ | episode forty-nine / assuming the landlord is how they appear, most everything of ours in myriad boxes / Learning to Die in the Anthropocene at the back of my mind, somewhere / Right click and do "save as" | episode forty-eight / sounds gathered at Bobby Fischer's grave / Laugardælir churchyard near Selfoss, Iceland 08 June 2016 / a small, quiet place with no one around / suddenly, two grave-diggers appeared, ancient and adolescent, and with heavy shovels and picks got to work in the back / snipes diving above / and a dandelion left ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by special guest patzr, recent visitor to Iceland, & long time kipple friend otolythe. [homepage | twitter | soundcloud] ! ! ! | episode forty-seven / walking around a glass factory / some piano / some found drones ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by special guest patzr & generous supplier of train station field recordings Matt Nix [soundcloud] ! ! ! | episode forty-six / flickers, pulses, irregular percussive events / lurking in Audacity as some kind of salve / tried to fight the creeping sense of dread with temporal things, most of the time i guess i felt alright | episode forty-five / the alarm was on for four; but i woke before it went off anyhow / couldn't face more than a few minutes of the news so went to the beach, sat watching the waves as the Sun rose / small crabs skittered away as walked along the edge of the water slowly filling the long-abandoned tidal lido | episode forty-four / boozing on a Summer afternoon with Mike, hear this pulse from over the way / guess it's a pump connection coming loose or something? gas leaking out? / may as well be a snare sample | episode forty-three / with apologies / yesterday's patzr radio was delayed 'cause i was at a friend's wedding & couldn't convince an SD card reader to talk to a laptop / as a consequence here are two field recordings made beneath the A5 at two different but nearby locations, one for each of the <3s my tweet excuse/apology received on Twitter [Thanks Mike! Thanks Peggy!] | episode forty-three / with apologies / yesterday's patzr radio was delayed 'cause i was at a friend's wedding & couldn't convince an SD card reader to talk to a laptop / as a consequence here are two field recordings made beneath the A5 at two different but nearby locations, one for each of the <3s my tweet excuse/apology received on Twitter [Thanks Mike! Thanks Peggy!] | episode forty-two / podgy no mark, high on books yet inarticulate / the quiet of the flat at night; radio off, nobody about, deep blue light through the window / acceptable pasta sauce bubbling, emulated synth through cheap granular delay, keys between the teeth | episode forty-one / satellite dishes wrapped in black plastic / a pile of old biros heaped on a stall / trying not to think about wisdom teeth, or work, or the Keeling Curve, or | episode forty / a briefing from the head of Human Resources about another organisational restructure / ants coming in under the back door / all the copies of Hip Hop Family Tree #9 were coverless | episode thirty-nine / a cool spring with a number of marriages / we went to a screening of The Dilapidated Dwelling and news of Prince's passed round the room at the end / ELECTRIC WORD LIFE IT MEANS FOREVER AND THAT'S A MIGHTY LONG TIME | episode thirty-eight / imagine if i'd learned to use Fruity Loops correctly / grey days and pieces / maybe you're lucky enough that, like me, people send you unsolicited recordings of Saint Pancras | episode thirty-seven / Carrie Underwood's Bikini Selfie Has Us Blown Away / things they did with money of course / my Mum told me about a stained glass window of Judas | episode thirty-six / undoubtedly embracing the oblique strategy (and, coincidentally, something of the Matmos zeitgeist) but equally it's mainly just life, y'know? / feeling somewhat stupid trying to get my head around synthetic biology, Majorana zero modes, *everything* / texts about phones and Gary Shandling / No flipping!** | episode thirty-five / springlike except when it isn't / always delighted with an inter-library loan / the boss' boss was forty-five minutes late because of course / | episode thirty-four / four day week / vague dread and faint optimism, clumsily interwoven / SMOKED PAPRIKA | episode thirty-three / obliged to curse the radio / contents of other fridges, things heard elsewhere / asteroids and the something for nothing culture nature | episode thirty-two / rumble and phase for fictional birthdays & spurious festivals / thinking about self-disguising paper, Lake Carbamazepine, a time when the Evening Chronicle reviewed books by Ishmael Reed / screenshots for work | episode thirty-one / the cheap thrill of chopping up sine waves / reading Red Plenty, traipsing to London / discouraging the Googling of symptoms | episode thirty / midday, the other day / waiting on a train / an arrival and line hum | episode twenty-nine / deep cold and minor drudgery, plastic tat leftover from crackers in the shop downstairs / writes about advertising, apparently / You cannot beat, a simple, representational watercolour. | episode twenty-eight / still here, still / an accidental but telling - & insensitive - comment about salaries / rain and public transport for something like forever, obv. | episode twenty-seven / rain and short days / body clock still set to work time / sugars | episode twenty-six / gloomy thoughts in unseasonable warmth / on the day they vote to frack interminably / still here we are* | episode twenty-five / vaguely lost between a Christening and a celebration of a Christening in a social club / a hedge in Bedlington / loops awkwardly but pleasingly as it goes | episode twenty-four / things off and on / shortening days / naps on the train home | episode twenty-three / back from my parents, i pursued flocking corvids about the park around sunset / only caught their chatter at its most fragmentary really, still / there's traffic too, & a plane; i'm standing outside my front door | episode twenty-two / last night's fireworks, mainly / sped up, chopped up / filtered to resemble something like static; agitated, gloomy, but maybes, hopefully, not too unpleasant | episode twenty-one / scribble whip and whirr - machinic fizz and rumble / photocopiers, mainly, if you must know / would that i could avoid two-word titles | episode twenty / planes, trains, and elevators / empty turbines / a hill near a wall near a field in england ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by special guest patzr & long time kipple friend otolythe. [homepage | twitter | soundcloud] ! ! ! | episode nineteen / something buzzing - feeding back? - in a telecom cabinet in Benton / traffic too, & an emergency vehicle / Friday lunchtime | episode eighteen / taking a break from The Dark Outside first thing this morning, recording the dull roar of Palnure Burn / later, stopped in a lay-by, recording shortwave / combined w/ wayward panning for shits and gigs | episode seventeen / compressed air canister / traffic and archway / thinking about Mir | episode sixteen / tidying ahead of a flat inspection / sounds made intentionally and unintentionally / layered and panned | episode fifteen / quiet Saturday morning / arbitrary rhythm / differing playback speeds | episode fourteen / after work / commuter sounds / loops well | episode thirteen / i kicked something in Eyemouth / and watched an endearing yet mediocre flick on the iPlayer / time off | episode twelve / rumble and flicker / wash of engines / loops well | episode eleven / three recordings made in the backyard around eight o'clock in the morning / once with the mic underneath a plastic container, once underneath of a metal dish, once beneath nothing but the sky / my jasmine tea's inaudible but present | episode ten / around one hundred herz / tones pure and impure / cooking lentils | episode nine / tones and reverb / various field recordings assembled and compressed / reading about more or less fictional nuclear wars | episode eight / my attraction to recently gentrified space is problematic but genuine / echoes and whistles, footsteps / loopable | episode seven / stalls and tables dragged / just past eight o'clock or so / Tynemouth | episode six / hung over in the park first thing this morning / sine waves and machinery / loops well | episode five / lousy weather / bathroom acoustics both real and simulated / ageing | episode four / line hum, pieces of tone, something like a rhythm / spent Friday dazed, numb, vaguely nauseous| episode three / shards of lunchtime, hastily recorded / spliced together in audacity | episode two / vaguely percussive events / damp, highly filtered | episode one / a drunken crowd / a question, a mumbled monosyllabic answer & another question | episode zero / test transmission / 100hz | ¶

*consider playing this at 33⅓ or thereabouts, though it's pleasing at *this* speed too imo
**with thanks to Wire magazine for the typo ^_^
***by which i mean to say about fifteen minutes