patzr radio is 100 seconds every 10 days

patzr radio ¶
patzr radio is a micro-podcast. ¶
patzr radio is one hundred seconds every ten days. ¶
patzr radio is, to my mind at least, a pleasing set of syllables. ¶
patzr radio is a wilfully perverse relationship with clock time & calendars. ¶
patzr radio is a consequence of various commercial platforms and services. ¶
patzr radio is an advert for itself, for sound in general maybe. ¶
patzr radio is preoccupied with counterintuitive rhythms, glimpses, & shifts. ¶
patzr radio is sometimes fussily contrived, sometimes comparatively arbitrary. ¶
patzr radio is aimless, on-going and inherently incomplete. ¶
patzr radio ¶

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episode one hundred and sixty-four /however the fuck timetables are supposed to work | episode one hundred and sixty-three / three month anniversary of a pretty fine curry at lunchtime | episode one hundred and sixty-two / No Perfmornaces | episode one hundred and sixty-one / let's... let's just not get into it, huh? | episode one hundred and sixty / i don't know enough about magpies to know if the bird heard here is agitated or distressed or what; i think the pervasive drizzle was annoying it, maybe? | episode one hundred and fifty-nine / Confirm your household residents and submit! | episode one hundred and fifty-eight / greedy for paperbacks always, even as i worry about my seeming inability to keep them in good condition / sad about Ras G | episode one hundred and fifty-seven / something spilt at head-height it sounded like | episode one hundred and fifty-six / Homogeneous series based on selected station data | episode one hundred and fifty-five / huggable, malleable dermatologist | episode one hundred and fifty-four / something ominous for the nearly-midsummer / for Fox, with thanks for the corridor and the footsteps | episode one hundred and fifty-three / Option 2: Not using your vehicle? | episode one hundred and fifty-two / To verify your identity, please use the following code | episode one hundred and fifty-one / "well, Baz, I've got to go - I've just got here" | episode one hundred and fifty b / he assured me that it hadn't rained on a Wednesday evening since October | episode one hundred and fifty a / woken by the light at twenty to six in the morning | episode one hundred and forty-nine / suburban birdsong for new life; for Freddie, for Max. | episode one hundred and forty-eight / Contains mild language and scenes of smoking. | episode one hundred and forty-seven / shakily identified a juvenile blackbird yesterday | episode one hundred and forty-six / We Are The Drones And We Are The Airport | episode one hundred and forty-five episode one hundred and forty-five / fish heads fish heads / roly poly / yum orcas agree / but then, they would / cold tall lighthouse near sharp black rocks / iceland and watery environs / ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by regular special guest patzr & long time kipple friend otolythe [homepage | twitter | soundcloud] ! ! ! ] | episode one hundred and forty-four / "The UFO, it seems, is a rumor of God stitched into the fabric of the military-industrial-media complex, a complex whose cybernetic tentacles encircle us still." | episode one hundred and forty-three / cutting back the Virginia creeper in unseasonable sunshine | episode one hundred and forty-two / my mother's geology spreadsheet stopped working | episode one hundred and forty-one / from time to time i still vaguely threaten a podcast that's just recordings of rain | episode one hundred and forty / a certain delight in fresh boxes | episode one hundred and thirty-nine / Super Wolf Blood Moon times | episode one hundred and thirty-eight / ask me about the texture of my defeat | episode one hundred and thirty seven / a day late, not that anybody'll notice or care; a private calendar is a slippery thing, i guess | episode one hundred and thirty-six / 12 menhirs / and a scroll / apostles but no doubt apocryphal / it was decided to clear the field / and they moved one / oh to hell with that it was too much hard work / and they never moved any more / aye aye / ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by regular special guest patzr & long time kipple friend otolythe [homepage | twitter | soundcloud] ! ! ! ] | episode one hundred and thirty five / certain kinds of gloom, certain kinds of gladness | episode one hundred and thirty-four / Advanced Fibrous Structures for Composite Materials, Technical Textiles and other Technical Application | episode one hundred and thirty-three / my bank account was £1.41 overdrawn earlier today | episode one hundred and thirty-two / a festival of the futilities | episode one hundred and thirty-one b / and i said to her that really, there's nothing better than the wind in trees | episode one hundred and thirty-one a / i finished Moby Dick yesterday morning so pretty much everything else, with the possible exception of lending a psychoanalyst a tenner, was an anticlimax | episode one hundred and thirty / six weeks or so pointing out the obvious | episode one hundred and twenty-nine / any questions message , all reasonable best offers will be considered | episode one hundred and twenty-eight / The onset of self-focusing of intense light pulses | episode one hundred and twenty seven / ... We've chosen the products we think you'll enjoy / Yellow warning / kinds of numbness | episode one hundred and twenty-six / As to the mushroom jazz-- He thought, I'll just walk up to him and say people told / juice against colds / "don't crowd me Joe" | episode one hundred and twenty-five / 'salad-wise patchiness' / Superb outcomes / "Metrobis S'soooo loud" | episode one hundred and twenty-four / ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT / a sore head / GE 155/500 4-65w Starters for Fluorescent Lightbulbs | episode one hundred and twenty three / of course MyHR isn't working properly / fragmentary sleeping patterns / sadly unconvinced by a book i'd been excited for | episode one hundred and twenty-two / anxiety & crushes / DEPOT MENTOR / ミ““”一,のヽの、∽〇うの『の∽芍のの一”ラでく,いのF ́一、∽う〇一”一”目ロドの∽〓もの■〓づづ〇∽ぃ‐ 〓〇●∽ののヽ一〇〇澪””一,【9月デ】∽”∽い弓〇● ́一プの【5卜ヽヽ】1O(■のの】いくのでくデ1●一プの,1ヽ〇いうの̈o∽ ́∽一∽一,の一“ヨ〇【”●ヽ∽一”【一∽一〇づ〇●“づの目津ヽいけσ片の∽トラ一〇F1【でヽ■∽一”一一Fのげ”∽ω^二′′の一ゴ“ヨげヽ”づQ一アの■の”■のう〇〇●′′°Cごヽ∽芍”の1∽くH∽【げ】のげ1一でくo1”(Fの一のの一F・КO“【〓5”の【∽”【oLの”目Чでく、ぃ∞∞Fぅ∞ぃぅ0”ぃぅ・HF”け∽∽〇● ́の一り一ラ∞一ゴ”一 ̈●∽一の”う、一σの働〇つの三い一F∽Cものコ.量馬02け【oP、〒HF”うO1鮎”Fのいギづ一〇く“Hいのヽ”●QF∞ | episode one hundred and twenty one / asked to do a PDA i just want to write either inane things about stupid talking dog movies or depressing things about forests within the arctic circle on fire / i guess my rote filling out of the boxes with more or less what they more or less want is some kind of third-way-compromise-bullshit / & here i am | episode one hundred and twenty / recorded just over a month ago, in a garden in Scotland / a pile of books after a boring day at work / to meet an investment analyst | episode one hundred and nineteen / CORNBREAD may still be alive today / cracks multiplying on my phone screen / Cheryl left | episode one hundred and eighteen / i somehow ended up watching [some of] the [fucking] world cup / (the time varies depending on location ) / all hail the new Star and Shadow | episode one hundred and seventeen / a quiz with rounds about the fucking world cup and the fucking royal family / delight in the approach of midsummer / with apologies for lateness | episode one hundred and sixteen / gcybg0rne#?date=2018-06-03 / strange pre-midsummer distraction - it's almost ten & still kinda light / my Dad, dismissive of Mechanization Takes Command's index | episode one hundred and fifteen / General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") is coming into effect, and you’ve probably already gotten a few emails about this from other companies. / Hcnith Assessment Across the Lifcs nn / There is one glaring anachronism | episode one hundred and fourteen / "... the liquid centre of a minute ..." / SPECIFIC SUGGESTIONS FOR SIMPLE SABOTAGE / "understanding and respect" / Glenn Branca RIP | episode one hundred and thirteen / ants explore the kitchen / DESC: Synthesizer / I LOVE IT AND THE SELLER DESCRIPTION OF THE PRODUCT MEET WITH THE PRODUCT QUALITY. | episode one hundred and twelve / sad to see news of Craig Wilson's death slowly travel 'round my twitter feed / we didn't know each other well but after ended we'd see each other every couple of months or so, often as one or the other of us spilled out of/in to the cinema, exchange a few words about what was on... / Craig was smart, funny, interested, & engaged; a true loss | episode one hundred and eleven / Inspired by your browsing history / on some level, all i really want is time to play with machinic buzzes & some washing to hang out on the line in the yard on a cool, bright, morning; even as i know that for all the calm that that implies, a morning like that is always already coal-fired, resting on structural brutality, effectively oppressive... / doomed & complicit, always | the tenth of ten daily episodes, all recorded at Newcastle's Central Station / "... the morning smile at Newcastle Central station, when longhair Tom blond husband greets the bearded stranger of telephones ..." [recorded at 11:50 approx.] | the ninth of ten daily episodes, all recorded at Newcastle's Central Station / In memory of Elizabeth Brown and Robert Heir, both killed in a collision between two trains just south of Newcastle Central Station, on Friday August 17th, 1951. [recorded at 07:28 approx.] | the second of the eighth of ten daily episodes, all recorded at Newcastle's Central Station / recorded just after i saw my pal Anna come out of the Paperchase; she told me about jamais vu [recorded at 17:24 approx.] | the first of the eighth of ten daily episodes, all recorded at Newcastle's Central Station / Once he lived six weeks on the roof of Newcastle Central Station. At night-time he crept down and manipulated signals to stop goods trains. After rifling them he reset the signals and clambered back to the roof. He climbs like a cat. [recorded at 16:26 approx.] | the seventh of ten daily episodes, all recorded at Newcastle's Central Station / NZ 2463 NW NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE NEVILLE STREET (south side) 22/408 and 23/408 Motorail Terminal G.V. II Goods station entrance. Circa 1870 for North Eastern Railway. Sandstone ashlar; cast iron posts and brackets to glass canopies. Front wall of one storey, 7 bays has panels, with open arches, in first and fourth bays; lunettes in others, paired in bays 3-6, with keystoned surrounds. Hipped glass roof has ridge vent. Iron posts, with octagonal plinths, leaf capitals, and brackets with circles in spandrels, support glass roof over platforms. [recorded at 13:50 approx.] | the sixth of ten daily episodes, all recorded at Newcastle's Central Station / it is the hundredth day of the year [recorded at 18:12 approx.] | the fifth of ten daily episodes, all recorded at Newcastle's Central Station / fwiw, that squeak is the station entrance's automatic door closing [recorded at 07:26 approx.] | the fourth of ten daily episodes, all recorded at Newcastle's Central Station / STRANGE SCENES AT NEWCASTLE STATION. A STUDY IN 'MAKESHIFT.' (FROM OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT) [recorded at 11:30 approx.] | the third of ten daily episodes, all recorded at Newcastle's Central Station / Greeted at Newcastle Central Station by the most furious display of Gnostic graffiti in the gentleman’s room walls that I had ever seen on the planet... [recorded at 21:29 approx.] | the second of ten daily episodes, all recorded at Newcastle's Central Station / Railway buildings ought to do much for architecture : being quite a new class of structures, erected for purposes unknown until the present age, or, we may say, the present generation, they suggest, or ought to suggest, a character of their own, and fresh combinations in design ; and being generally upon an extensive scale, they afford opportunities that have hitherto been of rare occurrence. They are, moreover, especially public works — structures constantly seen by thousands and tens of thousands of persons ; and might, therefore, do much towards improving the taste of the public. [recorded at 17:33 approx.] | episode one hundred and ten / the first of ten daily episodes, all recorded at Newcastle's Central Station a place of bustle & reverberation which as anybody who's scanned the listings of this podcast will know, kinda captivates me. There may be bonus/alternate episodes; there are certainly longer recordings if anybody has a need or desire for them. [recorded at 08:33 approx.] | episode one hundred and nine / i found a copy of The Palm Wine Drinkard in Amnesty Books / filming for the televisions show / lost a set of drumsticks somewhere, somehow the other day | episode one hundred and eight / like a pleasant and not very exciting cousin / A Holiday you Won - Go With Family / a tiny bird pecking around the pots in our backyard | episode one hundred and seven / Charly got a new kettle before xmas / told me it sounded good, *rich*, so i nagged her to record it / phone-fidelity ftw! !!! this episode of patzr radio was produced by special guest patzr & kipple family member CharlyMac !!! | episode one hundred and six / strange patterns, distraction / Lower Days Ahead / MEDITATE IN WHITLEY BAY | episode one hundred and five originally posted by nuun / i made a loop and faffed with it a little / one thursday morning ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was originally produced by special guest patzr nuun [Soundcloud / rizoom] & remixed by Jimmy Kipple Sound ! ! ! | episode one hundred and four / a scarf labelled Acne Solution [?] / excessive GIF use in the group chat / & fuck, Justin - leave Prince alone, unhologrammed | episode one hundred and three / Board from responsible sources / peopling the solitudes / deeply respected deputy / RIP UKLG + MES | episode one hundred and two / mysterious ache at the back of my jaw / enamored of the Gzilt's archive of domestic dust / (phone unfixed, in case you were wondering) | episode one hundred and one / seeing as we've made it past episode one hundred, let's call this episode one of season two / the numbering is going to continue to be as consistently inconsistent as it has up to now and - hey! - maybe we'll even make it to two hundred? / (my phone's still dead, in case you wondered)| the tenth of ten one hundredth episodes / foolishly, i dropped my phone in a sink the other day / it's spent the last two days in uncooked rice / even though i believe there's sense in this behaviour it still feels kind of crazed, kind of superstitious, kind of atavistic | the ninth of ten one hundredth episodes / the spaces between ice and earth / motion-sensor flowers with vermilion bands / communications from near space / and nearer spaces / and algorithms, if they could speak ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by regular special guest patzr & long time kipple friend otolythe [homepage | twitter | soundcloud] ! ! ! | | the eighth of ten one hundredth episodes / a fine, quiet drone / recorded in a now inaccessible officeblock, opened in my infancy by some goon from the first Thatcher administration / shouts to the Tyneside Sounds Society, the only reason i was there to record it in the first place | the seventh of ten one hundredth episodes / Rattlesnake Mountain inspired / stretched out chord organ / loose chords / phone pocket made bird recordings ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by regular special guest patzr & generous supplier of train station field recordings Matt Nix [soundcloud] ! ! !the sixth of ten one hundredth episodes / piano music quiet on the radio / to sleep Moomin-like / a collection of mugs around my computer | the fifth of ten one hundredth episodes / sad at my inability to not be combative when in my cups / vexed by rss feed inconsistencies / obliged to head in to work | the second of the fourth of the ten hundredth episodes / & since i started planning this series of one hundredth episodes i figured i'd ought to get another Central Station recording to include / but, as i often do when i think i've got a cohesive plan / i record too much, over-identify, over-appreciate what i schlep back home with so the numbering is even more confusing that it was originally intended to be; making up for the lack of a zero, i guess. | the first of the fourth of ten one hundredth episodes / i vaguely regret starting this series of recordings of Newcastle Central Station with the My Favourite Musical Instrument subtitle / but, i'm loathe to edit or retcon / & can think of no other way of concisely emphasising the intensity of my affection | the third of ten one hundredth episodes / ENGLISHBREAKFAST / NEW BILLIONAIRE'S DRINKS / INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS | the second of ten one hundredth episodes / brushed teeth and jasmine tea / confusing epigraph and epigram / You've used 80% of your data | the first of ten one hundredth episodes / christian atlas sisters / It could just be superintelligence that’s in a cloud. It doesn’t have to be embodied in the usual sense. / calorific intake | episode ninety-nine / Children to spend the day offline / 45 pence of necklace cord that i stupidly lost somewhere / “but the market proved otherwise.” | episode ninety-eight / early shifts, milder weather; news as bad as it is delirious / it seems like for every present i buy, i also pick up a book for myself / PLEASE DO NOT SIT ON THE WINDOW | episode ninety-seven b / i hadn't planned on this one, but the jackdaws were so good this afternoon / and i can either sit on this for days, weeks / or, well, just, y'know, *put it out* / i do feel pretty lucky to hear this territorial racket any day i'm around near sunset | episode ninety-seven / "The decimal unicode number representing the latin lowercase 'a'" / "We find evidence of burial rituals and skull cults throughout the Fertile Crescent." / "The year 4000 may indicate a change of his numbering system; it is not a misprint." | episode ninety-six / strange futility, first thing / "You've gotta have to have more communication, I guess," said the resident. / numerous investors | episode ninety-five / at the onset of a cold / the uniquely dystopian art direction suggested by seeing a glossy David Icke advert on a bus stop / disputing the eloquence of damaging fruit | episode ninety-four / somebody requested the copy of Oram's An Individual Note that i've had on loan for about a decade [i was worried they'd throw it away if it was on the shelf, so just kept renewing it] / i have a paperback copy i found in the Amnesty bookshop that i lent to my friend but i think he thinks it was maybe a gift at this point? / whatever; both of these things are fine | episode ninety-three / six / months / ago | episode ninety-two / clutter / rattle / phones in the other room | episode ninety-one / rain / by Murray's Monument & The Dark Outside's temporary radio transmitter on a particularly wet Sunday morning / recorded beneath a dripping... gazebo, i guess? | episode ninety / work something of a blur / forlorn stock fading in unattended windows / tiny blue plaques marking the addresses of servicemen killed in WW1 a punctuation of futility and despair | episode eighty-nine / i struggle to imagine getting tired of the sound of running water / or the strange tubular snap-back reverb of plastic drainpipes for that matter / gulls i can never quite make my mind up about... {oh, & apologies for slightly over-shooting the 10 day window on this one; work innit, though, equally, a tiny bit of my own innate distractedness. Anyway I think i've pretty much posted within the 240 hour window so i think we're still effectively on schedule} | episode eight-eight-b anyway, a bank holiday is an ideal day for a bonus episode / but i've been a little fixated on 88 anyhow - it's two double loops, right? - so made these episodes as two [uneven, ungainly, unseamless yet seamless] loops that loop / so this episode and | episode eight-eight-a will loop seamlessly / the two installments working as a cheap 3:20 infinity i guess / the title's an ancient palindrome and, though i appreciate that a palindrome is not quite the same as a loop, i think the form is akin enough to apply to this and the bonus episode | episode eighty-seven / TINY SOUNDS, BUT SOUNDS . . . OPEN DARK DITCHES IN THE FACE / i was encouraged to think that the book about Lenin's embalmers i bought would be a lot funnier than it is; it's mainly sad with a dash of grim absurdity; ah, well / i can - unsurprisingly - recommend Le Guin's The Word For World Is Forest from title on down though; which isn't to say that too isn't sad, y'know but, well, i guess it's the consolations of fiction, right? | episode eighty-six / i'm not going to lie - this episode's been kicking about a while & i'm faintly terrified that i've already posted it under a different title / if i have, i'm confident it wasn't as a patzr radio episode / still, apologies; i almost deferred it *again* but, then that'd just be compounding the problem, right? | episode eighty-five / dust, flecks of plaster / read Gammel's biography of Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven & started rereading Eve's Hollywood / plenty rain | episode eighty-four / a pseudonym suggested (but not used) / the plaster fell off our back room ceiling last Thursday / Market capitalisation of major media brands | episode eighty-three / a crosswalk signal in an empty morning street / an orchestra tuning up / pseudo-notes of oceans and traffic // modes / of / w a i t i n g ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by regular special guest patzr & long time kipple friend otolythe [homepage | twitter | soundcloud] ! ! ! | episode eighty-two / i am away from devices atm / in post-solstice Scotland for the extended daylight, mainly / please don't use this as an excuse to break into our flat | episode eighty-one / two days in to two weeks off / waking early in bright sun, eking out the evenings as best i can / certain fresh anxieties | episode eighty / markets dislike uncertainty / everything crossed. i stayed up way later than i intended, a little dizzy on hope and surprise and, fundamentally, rum / Marxists at large | episode seventy-nine / a pulse of some gloomy charm if you ask me / not even vague anxiety / The whole house applauded | episode seventy-eight / schlepped to Darlington to chat & scheme; read about Kodwo Eshun's Nietzsche fridge magnet on the way back / poor selection of emojis at work / Strong and stable my arse. | episode seventy-seven / Inaccurate but not dishonest**** / Today, I was reminded never to assume that two different versions of tar are fully compatible. / ¡No hay banda! | episode seventy-six / traffic and birdsong / or is it birdsong and traffic? / recorded on a bank holiday, as it goes | episode seventy-five / a few hours oblivious of the snap election / crushing on Marder's Dust / Rest of cast listed alphabetically: | episode seventy-four-b / i mean, if all *this* doesn't, at some level, amount to a delirious obsession with details in art direction, what, exactly does it amount to? / i wish i could claim i'd realised today was Leon Kowlaski's incept date but i didn't 'til it started to crop up on my Twitter feed / & luckily i recorded a fuckton*** of rain that day / | episode seventy-four / let's be real - i would subscribe to a podcast that was just recordings of precipitation / &, feasibly, would make this podcast just recordings of rain if i wasn't so easily distracted / so, yeah, hmu with recommendations for rain-based media | episode seventy-three / a held tone, a pulse, a hiss / a dream of machines dreaming, maybe / grey spring so far | episode seventy-two / "Terry was sitting in his flat in Islington." / the wrong kind of pub quiz / bit parts in bad movies | episode seventy-one / breaths, clicks, rumbles, compression artifacts / an 881% increase in electricity usage / Yevgeny Zamyatin died eighty years ago, yesterday | episode seventy / still frosty some mornings / on the twenty-second anniversary of the incorporation of Yahoo! / Italian translation of 'a surge of optimism' | episode sixty-nine / anxiety dreams - things not done, responsibilites unfulfilled - just before waking that linger intangibly at the back of the mind all day / simple-enough but convoluted maths questions sent unexpectedly on a Sunday morning / reading Babitz & Erickson & Nguyen/Yosinski/Clune / ! ! ! all apologies to the first two downloaders of this episode, who got a super-low resolution version 'cause i didn't check me audio convertor settings; in many ways such errors and accidents are the defining aspect of this project but * s t i l l *, right? ! ! ! | episode sixty-eight / things missed, things stewed / futility and repetition / a seemingly interminable sequence of bad decisions | episode sixty-seven / the quiet miracle of Ibuprofen / "Nicholas Roeg's Blade Runner" / the first shot in the Seinfeld episode The Limo is of a plane marked with Trump insignia | episode sixty-six / A sequel of sorts / A second exploration of the long two-storey glass factory and its hums / from within my coat pocket ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by special guest patzr & generous supplier of train station field recordings Matt Nix [soundcloud] ! ! ! | episode sixty-five / back to work for a week and weary / re-read Dick & Zelazny's Deus Irae / more beer than coffee | episode sixty four / tinfoil, bathwater, sea, traffic, matches &c &c & / 2016 was an awful year but then again, aren't they all? / history, a nightmare from which we're trying to awake, right? | episode sixty-three / red lentils, dark beer / my stereo still boxed after all these months / shout out to the kid i saw sat outside some bullshit shop in the mall earlier, cross-legged & deep focused on a paperback | episode sixty-two / back yard at dusk / corvids - rooks, mainly, i think - circle, neatly, regularly / wind, a cyclist heading home, sirens in the distance | episode sixty-one episode sixty-one / dull museum ambience and an easy affection for the hum of trains / on beers and Itadaki Zen / no, in short ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by phaedra candles; phaedra candles is Jimmy Kipple Sound & the Anerley Park Posse ! ! ! | episode sixty / the airport at sunset / glad of the frost though i could use a new jacket / more and probably unjustifiable acquisition of books | episode fifty-nine / it's not that i have faith in small things, i'm just captivated by them, distracted / disturbed sleep, periodic numbness, the pit of your stomach / things you can't untie / | episode fifty-eight / slogging through some Platanov between work and home; almost getting it, mainly not / thin hoodie in sharp evenings / distracted but not enough, really | episode fifty-seven / some crows were cawing in almost-identifiable notes / but several crows sound like one million crows or just a backyard full of crows / finally reversed and stretched the crows and that seemed to generate an appropriate crow-level / while still able to pull some notes out into proper dissonance / plus some light moss-walking and the resonance of a metal railing for context ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by regular special guest patzr & long time kipple friend, otolythe. [homepage | twitter | soundcloud] ! ! ! | episode fifty-six / drops, harder to isolate than in a Tarkovsky picture / i have this theory that he reuses the same dripping sounds again and again, but maybe it's just Soviet Foley and fuzzy mics? / for Bill, i guess, if he'd want it, which i doubt | episode fifty-five / picking stickers off long remaindered hardbacks / stumbling through questions at work & on TV / dullest of dull headaches and vague dental anxiety | episode fifty-four / i almost cried twice today, oddly; equinox emotions? / 4 Clips complete with 8 screws. / There are 100 days remaining until the end of the year. | episode fifty-three / early-morning run to the top of primrose hill revealed the maintenance workers / guy sweeping apologized when he saw I was making a vid / it turned out to be the best aspect of the view / layered and looped and paulstretched, and from a distance resembles breathing ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by regular special guest patzr & long time kipple friend, otolythe. [homepage | twitter | soundcloud] ! ! ! | episode fifty-two / i work 'til eight most Fridays and i'm always kind of delighted by town's atmosphere as i head home / something slack, loosened, something rich and easily excited / people relatively aimless, quiet streets, buses quarter-full | episode fifty-one / still packed-up, aimless frankly / spilt coffee, spilt beer / glass smoothed by the sea over years, decades | episode fifty / waiting for the floors to be fixed / Adjusted Margin and Leap Year / grubby little device / ☄ ☄ ☄ | episode forty-nine / assuming the landlord is how they appear, most everything of ours in myriad boxes / Learning to Die in the Anthropocene at the back of my mind, somewhere / Right click and do "save as" | episode forty-eight / sounds gathered at Bobby Fischer's grave / Laugardælir churchyard near Selfoss, Iceland 08 June 2016 / a small, quiet place with no one around / suddenly, two grave-diggers appeared, ancient and adolescent, and with heavy shovels and picks got to work in the back / snipes diving above / and a dandelion left ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by special guest patzr, recent visitor to Iceland, & long time kipple friend otolythe. [homepage | twitter | soundcloud] ! ! ! | episode forty-seven / walking around a glass factory / some piano / some found drones ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by special guest patzr & generous supplier of train station field recordings Matt Nix [soundcloud] ! ! ! | episode forty-six / flickers, pulses, irregular percussive events / lurking in Audacity as some kind of salve / tried to fight the creeping sense of dread with temporal things, most of the time i guess i felt alright | episode forty-five / the alarm was on for four; but i woke before it went off anyhow / couldn't face more than a few minutes of the news so went to the beach, sat watching the waves as the Sun rose / small crabs skittered away as walked along the edge of the water slowly filling the long-abandoned tidal lido | episode forty-four / boozing on a Summer afternoon with Mike, hear this pulse from over the way / guess it's a pump connection coming loose or something? gas leaking out? / may as well be a snare sample | episode forty-three / with apologies / yesterday's patzr radio was delayed 'cause i was at a friend's wedding & couldn't convince an SD card reader to talk to a laptop / as a consequence here are two field recordings made beneath the A5 at two different but nearby locations, one for each of the <3s my tweet excuse/apology received on Twitter [Thanks Mike! Thanks Peggy!] | episode forty-three / with apologies / yesterday's patzr radio was delayed 'cause i was at a friend's wedding & couldn't convince an SD card reader to talk to a laptop / as a consequence here are two field recordings made beneath the A5 at two different but nearby locations, one for each of the <3s my tweet excuse/apology received on Twitter [Thanks Mike! Thanks Peggy!] | episode forty-two / podgy no mark, high on books yet inarticulate / the quiet of the flat at night; radio off, nobody about, deep blue light through the window / acceptable pasta sauce bubbling, emulated synth through cheap granular delay, keys between the teeth | episode forty-one / satellite dishes wrapped in black plastic / a pile of old biros heaped on a stall / trying not to think about wisdom teeth, or work, or the Keeling Curve, or | episode forty / a briefing from the head of Human Resources about another organisational restructure / ants coming in under the back door / all the copies of Hip Hop Family Tree #9 were coverless | episode thirty-nine / a cool spring with a number of marriages / we went to a screening of The Dilapidated Dwelling and news of Prince's passed round the room at the end / ELECTRIC WORD LIFE IT MEANS FOREVER AND THAT'S A MIGHTY LONG TIME | episode thirty-eight / imagine if i'd learned to use Fruity Loops correctly / grey days and pieces / maybe you're lucky enough that, like me, people send you unsolicited recordings of Saint Pancras | episode thirty-seven / Carrie Underwood's Bikini Selfie Has Us Blown Away / things they did with money of course / my Mum told me about a stained glass window of Judas | episode thirty-six / undoubtedly embracing the oblique strategy (and, coincidentally, something of the Matmos zeitgeist) but equally it's mainly just life, y'know? / feeling somewhat stupid trying to get my head around synthetic biology, Majorana zero modes, *everything* / texts about phones and Gary Shandling / No flipping!** | episode thirty-five / springlike except when it isn't / always delighted with an inter-library loan / the boss' boss was forty-five minutes late because of course / | episode thirty-four / four day week / vague dread and faint optimism, clumsily interwoven / SMOKED PAPRIKA | episode thirty-three / obliged to curse the radio / contents of other fridges, things heard elsewhere / asteroids and the something for nothing culture nature | episode thirty-two / rumble and phase for fictional birthdays & spurious festivals / thinking about self-disguising paper, Lake Carbamazepine, a time when the Evening Chronicle reviewed books by Ishmael Reed / screenshots for work | episode thirty-one / the cheap thrill of chopping up sine waves / reading Red Plenty, traipsing to London / discouraging the Googling of symptoms | episode thirty / midday, the other day / waiting on a train / an arrival and line hum | episode twenty-nine / deep cold and minor drudgery, plastic tat leftover from crackers in the shop downstairs / writes about advertising, apparently / You cannot beat, a simple, representational watercolour. | episode twenty-eight / still here, still / an accidental but telling - & insensitive - comment about salaries / rain and public transport for something like forever, obv. | episode twenty-seven / rain and short days / body clock still set to work time / sugars | episode twenty-six / gloomy thoughts in unseasonable warmth / on the day they vote to frack interminably / still here we are* | episode twenty-five / vaguely lost between a Christening and a celebration of a Christening in a social club / a hedge in Bedlington / loops awkwardly but pleasingly as it goes | episode twenty-four / things off and on / shortening days / naps on the train home | episode twenty-three / back from my parents, i pursued flocking corvids about the park around sunset / only caught their chatter at its most fragmentary really, still / there's traffic too, & a plane; i'm standing outside my front door | episode twenty-two / last night's fireworks, mainly / sped up, chopped up / filtered to resemble something like static; agitated, gloomy, but maybes, hopefully, not too unpleasant | episode twenty-one / scribble whip and whirr - machinic fizz and rumble / photocopiers, mainly, if you must know / would that i could avoid two-word titles | episode twenty / planes, trains, and elevators / empty turbines / a hill near a wall near a field in england ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by special guest patzr & long time kipple friend otolythe. [homepage | twitter | soundcloud] ! ! ! | episode nineteen / something buzzing - feeding back? - in a telecom cabinet in Benton / traffic too, & an emergency vehicle / Friday lunchtime | episode eighteen / taking a break from The Dark Outside first thing this morning, recording the dull roar of Palnure Burn / later, stopped in a lay-by, recording shortwave / combined w/ wayward panning for shits and gigs | episode seventeen / compressed air canister / traffic and archway / thinking about Mir | episode sixteen / tidying ahead of a flat inspection / sounds made intentionally and unintentionally / layered and panned | episode fifteen / quiet Saturday morning / arbitrary rhythm / differing playback speeds | episode fourteen / after work / commuter sounds / loops well | episode thirteen / i kicked something in Eyemouth / and watched an endearing yet mediocre flick on the iPlayer / time off | episode twelve / rumble and flicker / wash of engines / loops well | episode eleven / three recordings made in the backyard around eight o'clock in the morning / once with the mic underneath a plastic container, once underneath of a metal dish, once beneath nothing but the sky / my jasmine tea's inaudible but present | episode ten / around one hundred herz / tones pure and impure / cooking lentils | episode nine / tones and reverb / various field recordings assembled and compressed / reading about more or less fictional nuclear wars | episode eight / my attraction to recently gentrified space is problematic but genuine / echoes and whistles, footsteps / loopable | episode seven / stalls and tables dragged / just past eight o'clock or so / Tynemouth | episode six / hung over in the park first thing this morning / sine waves and machinery / loops well | episode five / lousy weather / bathroom acoustics both real and simulated / ageing | episode four / line hum, pieces of tone, something like a rhythm / spent Friday dazed, numb, vaguely nauseous| episode three / shards of lunchtime, hastily recorded / spliced together in audacity | episode two / vaguely percussive events / damp, highly filtered | episode one / a drunken crowd / a question, a mumbled monosyllabic answer & another question | episode zero / test transmission / 100hz | ¶

*consider playing this at 33⅓ or thereabouts, though it's pleasing at *this* speed too imo
**with thanks to Wire magazine for the typo ^_^
***by which i mean to say about fifteen minutes